One Room Challenge-Week Two Master Progress

In my head this week would go very smoothly.  We were scheduled to close on our house on Friday and we planned to use Wednesday and Thursday to move.  My husband and I were living in different states when we met, and he has essentially been commuting from North Carolina to South Carolina for three years.  Three long years!  I cannot tell you how thrilled we are about living in the same state and coming home to one another!  All that tangent to say, I knew that trying to work, pack, and move across state lines was going to be crazy enough, but adding the One Room Challenge to the mix would be insanity.  Did we get moved? Yes.  Did our old house close as scheduled on Friday? No.  Lots of cuss words later, cue the two day late post.

Somehow my crazy brain thought about the One Room Challenge a lot this week.  (Sitting on Interstate 85 is a great place to think). We want to create a master bedroom that feels like a cozy retreat.  We want it to feel easy and not too matchy-matchy.  Mixing patterns, finishes, and textiles is a great way to do this.  Here's what we got done this week: 

1.We finalized the fabrics and trims and they have all arrived.  I'll be showing those pretties to you next week before they go to the seamstress!   We need pillows for the sofa, trim added to the existing drapes, trim added to the bedskirt and lots of pillows for the bed!

2. We are planning a gallery wall over the sofa using lots of art prints. This week we selected the remainder of the prints and purchased the frames.  We found a few landscapes on Minted to add cohesion to our other assorted prints by Fine Artists.  Did I mention I am obsessed with Minted's frame options?  Can they please start selling these as a regular item?

3 We also selected some gorgeous original art by Leslie Weaver for the bedside.  I'm still on the hunt for perfect framing options for these!  Gold maybe...


4. We ordered all the main furniture pieces for the room.  I'm still super paranoid that our gorgeous custom sofa from Anthropologie won't come in on time.  

So, as my husband would say, "we have massive momentum!" But there is still much to be done.  I am planning a uniquely shaped upholstered headboard DIY and we are going to hack an Ikea shelf too!  Lots to do! Next Week I plan to show you all our gorgeous trims and fabrics and our textile game plan, but for now I'm calling it a night!  Don't forget to check back over at Calling it Home for the other rooms' progress here

Happy decorating,