One Room Challenge-Week Three, Textile Talk

Let's talk about TEXtiles baby, let's talk about trims and seams.  Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.  Lets talk about TEXtiles... 

Maybe fabric doesn't make you want to sing like it does me, but seriously, good fabric is a real turn on in any room, especially the master bedroom.  We are super in love with our One Room Challenge fabrics, bedding, and trims!  We wanted to achieve a layered look with lots of color, while keeping our textures sumptuous and comfortable.  Fabric is my go to for any good design.  I have always loved pattern and color, but as a decorator, it is commonly my jumping off point and initial inspiration.  I like to start with the "money" fabric and work my other fabrics around this piece.  The "money" fabric is often a floral or Ikat with lots of color.For the One Room Challenge we selected this gorgeous Lulie Wallace "Lara" fabric.  It's a botanical print with lots of movement.  We are using it on the bed for shams to help create a focal point.  

Usually I love a ton of pattern play, but for a bedroom I want a more tranquil quality.  To achieve this we only included one other print, also by Lulie Wallace.  The "Peachy Keen" print contains the floral component that Lulie is famous for, but in a pattern that feels more geometric than the "Lara" fabric.  You CAN mix florals, but it's important to choose a secondary floral in a different scale and a simplified design.   

We pulled our other fabric selections from colors found in our "money" fabric.  We are using a blush fabric for our headboard and a deep green for the other shams.  One of the requirements for this room were lots of pillows!  We also pulled out some fun trims.  Here are a few of the fabrics and trims for our master bedroom.

So that is what we have going on with fabrics.  Next week I'll be talking about our IKEA hack and how I shop for vintage treasures and new pretties for the room!  We did a little gallery wall hanging last night.  Here are a few peeks at the art! Until then, thanks so much for visiting and be sure to check out the other ORC spaces here!