One Room Challenge-Week Four-Spray Paint and Coconut Cake

This week has been all about DIY's, accessory shopping, anxious waiting, and coconut cake.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Here's the breakdown of what has been going on around here.

We went a little spray paint crazy for the ORC this week!  We picked up this fabulous peacock chair at Cottage Grove Vintage in Greenville, S.C. and painted it in our go to green hue for this master bedroom.  We also took this pretty bust from CB2 and softened it from black to a sweet blush pink.  Our final spray paint project is an IKEA bookcase that is getting a layered gold leaf look and a special new top.  Besides tons of spray paint fumes going on here our gorgeous headboard has been constructed and this week we will be working on upholstering it in a pretty blush linen.  


Accessory Shopping:
When it comes to accessories I like a collected look, so our accessories are a mix of vintage, antiques, and new pieces.  To make these eclectic items work together we stuck to a similar color pallete with greens and golds and pulled in some natural materials for balance.  I shopped vintage markets, an antique's mall, design stores and even Target and Homegoods for a true mix.  Everything in this room is new to the space, but we wanted it to feel like it was purchased over time and curated.    

Anxious Waiting:
We are still waiting to make sure all of our fabulousness will arrive in time to complete the One Room Challenge.  
1. Thanks to Hurricane Matthew our West Elm bedside dressers have not arrived.  One is actually missing... thanks Matthew. 
2. We are also waiting for our custom lampshades from Minted and monogrammed finials from Emily McCarthy for Moon and Lola for a lamp makeover.
3. My favorite acrylic and brass curtain rods from Ballard Designs have decided to be back ordered.
4. Our gorgeous Anthropologie custom sofa has been completed but we are waiting on shipping.

Coconut Cake:
When your client/bestie has a birthday mid-One Room Challenge you celebrate!  And by celebrate I mean eat lots of delicious coconut cake.  This week was all about hard work.  Next week I will show you some peeks at the room coming together!  Finally!  Check out the other ORC spaces here!
Happy decorating,