ORC Week 4: Nursery Accessories Guide

Lots of things have happened since last week including a never before change to the One Room Challenge rules for this fall challenge!  Due to all the recent natural disasters, the challenge has been extended for one week, which means the final reveal will come on Thursday November 16th. The ORC is a crazy busy time when things go smoothly, so imagine trying to design a room from scratch it the midst of hurricane cleanup! My heart goes out to these people! I personally am thankful for the week reprieve, because although we were not directly effected by these devastating storms, items that I had ordered for the room had been delayed as a result of the storms.  Its been an altogether crazy time of what I like to refer to as "drop back and punt."  My original chair for the nursery, that I was madly in love with (more on that next week), has ceased to be an available option, so I ordered a new chair last week with two day shipping.  The new chair is now missing in action, so  I am totally thankful for the one week reprieve in reveals to straighten this all out!

On to the fun stuff I had planned to talk about this week: Accessories

Animal heads for over the glider

Animal heads for over the glider

I think most people will agree that accessories can make or break a room!  In a nursery, however, I feel that accessories have to be much more thought out.  Obvious issues like the safety of options come into play, but I also try to draw on my knowledge and experience from being an arts educator before a designer.  I try to use my knowledge about child development and color and compositional theory to design baby and child spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing spaces, but offer the visual and tactile stimulation babies need.  Here is my go to checklist when selecting items to accessorize baby and child rooms and some of my picks for my own baby's nursery!

Do I have different textures?

Touch is so important to babies, so your nursery should have different textures for baby to experience and enjoy.  This can easily be achieved in the fabrics, rugs or floor covering, and storage choices.

PB Teen Macrame Hamper

PB Teen Macrame Hamper

Do I have color, and a contrast of colors?

Babies especially love items with high contrast.  Although babies cannot see colors initially, I try to use lots of colors (that will later be appreciated as baby gets older) with lots of contrast (for babies to enjoy from the beginning). I love both the natural pattern of this little accent rug and the bold contrast and color.  

Here is my PSA/soapbox moment for the day:  While adults might enjoy neutral spaces for their calming qualities, babies need stimulation.  Please do not give your baby a neutral nursery, even though you may think it is pretty.  Okay, off the soapbox, back to the design!  Seriously, I could go on about this forever...

Zebra Hand-Hooked Rug

Zebra Hand-Hooked Rug

Are there items baby can track with their eyes?

Tracking objects is an important thing for baby to learn and pretty garland swagged on a wall is the perfect way to easily achieve this.

Do you have a variety of silhouettes and shapes for baby to enjoy?

New babies respond to circles best but any bold shape or form is good for baby to look at and learn focusing skills.I love a grouping of these different animal heads for a wall and they go perfectly with my Bohemian Safari theme!

Are there ways for the baby to look at their face and other human faces?

Babies need and love to look at their faces and the faces of other people so I love mirrors and family photos in a nursery.  I'm placing photos on the changing table and this mirror above the table so my little one has plenty of opportunity to look at herself and her family!  It doesn't hurt that this mirror is super pretty too!

Are your accessories useful and functional?

I think pretty things are great, but when it comes to a nursery, functionality is also crucial.  I think every room needs multiple good sources of differing light.  I love lamps for a nursery because they offer a softer alternative to overhead lighting. The other must have for me is storage.  Can you really ever have enough?  I'm using these hooks not only because they go great with my design, but my plan is to hang outfits on these hooks to make things easier for my husband when he dresses the baby.  He has admitted that accessorizing a little girl is not going to be his strong suit, so these hooks give me the opportunity to set everything out for him!

Do you have something totally frivolous that you just love?

Sometimes having something just for the sake of being pretty is important too!  I added our sweet baby's name (we are keeping it a surprise until she arrives) to this adorable gold mirrored flamingo.  Its something I hope she will enjoy for years to come!

Next week I'll be showing some sneak peaks of the finished parts of the room!  Be sure to check back to see my progress and all the progress happening in the other rooms here! As always, a big thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for making this fun event possible!

Thanks for stopping by and happy accessorizing! 


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