One Room Challenge-Week Four-Spray Paint and Coconut Cake

This week has been all about DIY's, accessory shopping, anxious waiting, and coconut cake.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Here's the breakdown of what has been going on around here.

We went a little spray paint crazy for the ORC this week!  We picked up this fabulous peacock chair at Cottage Grove Vintage in Greenville, S.C. and painted it in our go to green hue for this master bedroom.  We also took this pretty bust from CB2 and softened it from black to a sweet blush pink.  Our final spray paint project is an IKEA bookcase that is getting a layered gold leaf look and a special new top.  Besides tons of spray paint fumes going on here our gorgeous headboard has been constructed and this week we will be working on upholstering it in a pretty blush linen.  


Accessory Shopping:
When it comes to accessories I like a collected look, so our accessories are a mix of vintage, antiques, and new pieces.  To make these eclectic items work together we stuck to a similar color pallete with greens and golds and pulled in some natural materials for balance.  I shopped vintage markets, an antique's mall, design stores and even Target and Homegoods for a true mix.  Everything in this room is new to the space, but we wanted it to feel like it was purchased over time and curated.    

Anxious Waiting:
We are still waiting to make sure all of our fabulousness will arrive in time to complete the One Room Challenge.  
1. Thanks to Hurricane Matthew our West Elm bedside dressers have not arrived.  One is actually missing... thanks Matthew. 
2. We are also waiting for our custom lampshades from Minted and monogrammed finials from Emily McCarthy for Moon and Lola for a lamp makeover.
3. My favorite acrylic and brass curtain rods from Ballard Designs have decided to be back ordered.
4. Our gorgeous Anthropologie custom sofa has been completed but we are waiting on shipping.

Coconut Cake:
When your client/bestie has a birthday mid-One Room Challenge you celebrate!  And by celebrate I mean eat lots of delicious coconut cake.  This week was all about hard work.  Next week I will show you some peeks at the room coming together!  Finally!  Check out the other ORC spaces here!
Happy decorating, 

One Room Challenge-Week Three, Textile Talk

Let's talk about TEXtiles baby, let's talk about trims and seams.  Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.  Lets talk about TEXtiles... 

Maybe fabric doesn't make you want to sing like it does me, but seriously, good fabric is a real turn on in any room, especially the master bedroom.  We are super in love with our One Room Challenge fabrics, bedding, and trims!  We wanted to achieve a layered look with lots of color, while keeping our textures sumptuous and comfortable.  Fabric is my go to for any good design.  I have always loved pattern and color, but as a decorator, it is commonly my jumping off point and initial inspiration.  I like to start with the "money" fabric and work my other fabrics around this piece.  The "money" fabric is often a floral or Ikat with lots of color.For the One Room Challenge we selected this gorgeous Lulie Wallace "Lara" fabric.  It's a botanical print with lots of movement.  We are using it on the bed for shams to help create a focal point.  

Usually I love a ton of pattern play, but for a bedroom I want a more tranquil quality.  To achieve this we only included one other print, also by Lulie Wallace.  The "Peachy Keen" print contains the floral component that Lulie is famous for, but in a pattern that feels more geometric than the "Lara" fabric.  You CAN mix florals, but it's important to choose a secondary floral in a different scale and a simplified design.   

We pulled our other fabric selections from colors found in our "money" fabric.  We are using a blush fabric for our headboard and a deep green for the other shams.  One of the requirements for this room were lots of pillows!  We also pulled out some fun trims.  Here are a few of the fabrics and trims for our master bedroom.

So that is what we have going on with fabrics.  Next week I'll be talking about our IKEA hack and how I shop for vintage treasures and new pretties for the room!  We did a little gallery wall hanging last night.  Here are a few peeks at the art! Until then, thanks so much for visiting and be sure to check out the other ORC spaces here!

One Room Challenge-Week Two Master Progress

In my head this week would go very smoothly.  We were scheduled to close on our house on Friday and we planned to use Wednesday and Thursday to move.  My husband and I were living in different states when we met, and he has essentially been commuting from North Carolina to South Carolina for three years.  Three long years!  I cannot tell you how thrilled we are about living in the same state and coming home to one another!  All that tangent to say, I knew that trying to work, pack, and move across state lines was going to be crazy enough, but adding the One Room Challenge to the mix would be insanity.  Did we get moved? Yes.  Did our old house close as scheduled on Friday? No.  Lots of cuss words later, cue the two day late post.

Somehow my crazy brain thought about the One Room Challenge a lot this week.  (Sitting on Interstate 85 is a great place to think). We want to create a master bedroom that feels like a cozy retreat.  We want it to feel easy and not too matchy-matchy.  Mixing patterns, finishes, and textiles is a great way to do this.  Here's what we got done this week: 

1.We finalized the fabrics and trims and they have all arrived.  I'll be showing those pretties to you next week before they go to the seamstress!   We need pillows for the sofa, trim added to the existing drapes, trim added to the bedskirt and lots of pillows for the bed!

2. We are planning a gallery wall over the sofa using lots of art prints. This week we selected the remainder of the prints and purchased the frames.  We found a few landscapes on Minted to add cohesion to our other assorted prints by Fine Artists.  Did I mention I am obsessed with Minted's frame options?  Can they please start selling these as a regular item?

3 We also selected some gorgeous original art by Leslie Weaver for the bedside.  I'm still on the hunt for perfect framing options for these!  Gold maybe...


4. We ordered all the main furniture pieces for the room.  I'm still super paranoid that our gorgeous custom sofa from Anthropologie won't come in on time.  

So, as my husband would say, "we have massive momentum!" But there is still much to be done.  I am planning a uniquely shaped upholstered headboard DIY and we are going to hack an Ikea shelf too!  Lots to do! Next Week I plan to show you all our gorgeous trims and fabrics and our textile game plan, but for now I'm calling it a night!  Don't forget to check back over at Calling it Home for the other rooms' progress here

Happy decorating,


Pink and Green Dining Room

I think a dining room is the perfect opportunity to create a jewel box of a space in your home!  Open concepts are great, until they're not.  I don't want to look at my messy, hot kitchen where I slaved over a meal (or didn't but want people to believe I did) while we are enjoying a dinner party.  There's just something about a separate dining space that has so much potential.  I think its the perfect opportunity to go all out with color and lots of glamour.  This dining room was well furnished but needed accessories and color to bring it to life.  Pink and green are one of my absolute favorite combinations and it gave this room a fun inviting punch.  We accented these colors with lots of pattern play and hits of black and silvery mercury glass for a romantic undertone.  The result is a fun space that feels cozy and intimate and begs to have people over.


DSC_0643 (2).JPG

Foyers Should Be Fun

Foyers are like first impressions.  If your foyer is sloppy, boring, or uninviting are you going to want to be "friends" with that house?  This foyer for a fun young family with great style, was all about creating a space that welcomes you in and says let's have cocktails and hang out!  Your house should be one of your besties, right?!  The stairs are the star of this design.  We used stair risers from Mirth Studio to set a fun tone for the foyer and pull in the turquoise color featured throughout the home. We opted for pouf seating to accommodate the Littles that live here.  I also created coat hooks out of old Victorian balusters and fun "hand" hardware to give both kids and guests storage.  I think the overall effect is a whimsical foyer that says "welcome to our home, let's have a dance party!"